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How To Compost Effectively

I have done a lot of research into soils and composting, and I’m always working towards creating the best possible solution for growing healthy, organic food.  Through this research I have found and put into practice the following solution(s) to create amazing soil.

There are two types of composting, hot and cold.  Therefore, you will want to have two bins or designated areas, one for each type.

Hot Compost

Your hot pile is for your coffee grounds.  To your hot pile you will want to collect and mulch leaves in the fall.  You need to mulch/shred the leaves or they will act like mini tarps, slowing down the process greatly; which may be suitable if you have a plethora of leaves, space, and time.

If you don’t have any leaves available, you can add the coffee grounds to your cold pile for now.  Once you get some leaves, start adding and mixing in coffee grounds as needed.

Cold Compost

Your cold pile will be for your kitchen’s uncooked food scraps.  To your cold pile you will want to buy and add some Red Worms, which can usually be purchased from a fishing-bait shop.  The end result of this cold composting technique are called Worm Castings.

Hot & Cold

The outcome of these techniques provides you with the 1st (from cold composting) and 2nd (from hot composting) best soils you can make naturally.

Side Note

Another method to create good soil is to use twigs from the tops of trees.  However, I have not yet attempted that method.  And being twigs, I’d assume they would take a little while longer to break down.  They would be a good addition to garden pathways, though.  But you would probably have to buy them, unless you’re very tall, and they can be expensive.